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Board of Directors


Board President-WI

Valjean J. Adams


Board Vice President-WI 

Louise Donohue



Valjean J. Adams


President of Community Development-MN

Robert A. Armstead


Motivational Speaker-CA

Michael Brako 


Programs Manager-MI

Tiffany J. Adams


Principal Agent-MN

Jonathan E. Locust, Jr., Ph.D.


Principal Agent-CA

Cosalet P. Adams


Principal Agent-MI

Juvirn S. Adams


Principal Agent-NV

Elverta Boone

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Juneteenth Contest

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our scheduled August 8, 2020, Juneteenth Celebration may need to be rescheduled; therefore, the African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc.-(AAMAAN) is announcing our La Crosse  Annual Juneteenth Citywide Celebration Contest.


Juneteenth Contest Rules


  1. There is a Contest Registration Fee of $1.00. You will be redirected to another page Pay Now

  2. The First-10 Contestants correctly answering each of the 7-Questions will be Mailed a Cashier's Checks in the amount of  $25.

  3. If there are more then 10-Contestants correctly answering each of the 7-Questions and if there any ties, the date and time on Your Contest Registration Fee Receipt will determine your placement.

  4. If no-one answers all questions correctly, the First-10 Contestants with the MOST Correct answers will be Mailed a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $25.

  5. You must Pay your Contest Fee before completing or submitting the Contest Form.

  6. After paying your Contest Fee, write down your Confirmation Code and/or print your receipt.

  7. You then must enter your Receipt’s Confirmation Code within the Contest Form as directed.

  8. The Contest and Registration Opens Monday, May 4, 2020, and Closes Midnight, Monday, June 15, 2020.

  9. Cashier’s Checks will be Mailed to the 10-Winning Contestants on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Answers to each question will be listed Tuesday, June 16, 2020, on this Webpage below.

Click Here To Start The Contest.

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