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AAMAN’s White Privilege Check List

27 questions and Audio.  Becoming aware of White Privilege should not be viewed as a burden or source of guilt, but rather, an opportunity to learn and be responsible so that we may work toward a more just and inclusive world. Check your privilege. Privilege: Unearned access to social power based on membership in a dominant social group.

​Mr. Adams describes White Privilege as an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, code books, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks” .  A White person's whiteness has come—and continues to come—with an array of benefits and advantages not shared by many people of color.


The Check List consist of 27 examples of ways white individuals have privilege because they are white. Please read the list and place and answer YES or NO to the privileges that apply to you or that you have encountered. At the end, try to list at least two more ways you have privilege based on your race.

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In addition there is,"The invisibility of white privilege Audio by Brian Lowery, PhD." The protests against racial injustice that have made headlines over the past month may be prompting some white Americans to consider—perhaps for the first time—the advantages they've benefited from all their lives. Brian Lowery, PhD, a senior associate dean at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, studies the psychology of racial  privilege in the United States. He discusses the factors that drive many white Americans to ignore and even deny that white privilege exists, and what he believes needs to be done to combat racial injustice. 


Brian Lowery is the Walter Kenneth Kilpatrick professor of organizational behavior and senior associate dean for academic affairs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. A social psychologist by training, he studies how individuals perceive inequality and the steps they take, if any, to reduce it.

Recommended by the Royal Historical Society (UK) in October 2018, the test is based on the ‘White Privilege Test’ written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the research on White Privilege by Peggy McIntosh.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a novelist, author of short stories, and nonfiction. Her latest book Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions was published in 2017 (PenguinRandomHouse).


Dr Peggy McIntosh is Senior Research Scientist and Former Associate Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW). She founded the National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity)


Mr. Cecil Adams, Jr.,B.Sc. CEO and Founder of the African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc.-(AAMAN) and In 2005 AAMAN laid the foundation for the first combined La Crosse, WI and Winona, MN Martian Luther King Junior   Celebrations and the area's first White Privilege Workshops.

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