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African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc. (AAMAN) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit. As part of our national community support, assistance, networking, and fundraising, AAMAN is providing YOU with this Credit Purchasing Power, view Our samples below. Chose your Level below and Register!

Level One VISTA Membership: 

  • $500.00 Credit Level

  • $10.00 Yearly Membership

  • $5.00 Monthly Payments

  • Free Shipping

  • No Interest

Level Two VISTA Membership:

  • $1,000.00 Credit Level

  • $20.00 Yearly Membership

  • $10.00 Monthly Payments

  • Free Shipping

  • No Interest

Level Three VISTA Membership:

  • $1,500.00 Credit Level

  • $30.00 Yearly Membership

  • $15.00 Monthly Payments

  • Free Shipping

  • No Interest

Level Four VISAMembership:

  • $2,000.00 Credit Level

  • $40.00 Yearly Membership

  • $20.00 Monthly Payments

  • Free Shipping

  • No Interest

Something for Everyone!

Casual Outfitters™ 12pc Assorted Ladies' Floppy Sun Hat Set

Includes 2pc each of 6 styles. One size fits most. Not sold individually.

Item Number: GFHATF12

Suggested Retail: $75.95

AAMAN's Price: $50.00

Magnacraft® 5x30 Binoculars

See up to 40 miles with these high powered binoculars! Lightweight and compact, the Magnacraft 5x30 binoculars feature sapphire blue lenses for glare reduction and soft rubber eyecups for additional comfort. Also include lens cloth, neck strap and carrying case with belt loop. Barrels measure 4-1/2" long. Limited 10-year warranty. Gift boxed.

Item Number: SPB530

Suggested Retail: $8.95

AAMAN's Price: $7.50

Casual Outfitters™ 10pc Cowboy Hat Set

Includes 1pc each of 10 different styles. Features unique hat bands and self-adjusting liners. Shapeable brim helps protect you from the sun. One size fits most. Not sold individually.


Item Number: GFHATA10

Suggested Retail: $173.95

AAMAN's Price: $150.00

The Maxam® Digital Camo 2-4 Person Tent

(Measures 82-5/8" x 82-5/8" x 51")®

Ready and waiting for your next camping trip, the Maxam® Digital Camo 4-Person Tent easily fits the entire family. Durable polyester construction, sturdy fiberglass poles, 8 stakes, and 4 nylon tie-downs make for easy set-up. Measures 82-5/8" x 82-5/8" x 51". Includes storage bag for protection and easy transport.

Item Number: SPTENTC4

Suggested Retail: $59.95

AAMAN's Price: $45.00

Maxam® 15" Decorative Fixed Blade Knife

Native American Indians saw the Eagle as a symbol of great strength, leadership, and vision. The eagle has been used as a tribute by many of the great empires throughout history, from Egypt to Rome to the United States. This proudly American Maxam® 15" Decorative Fixed Blade Knife was created to showcase the rich Eagle heritage. Featuring a stainless steel blade with eagle etching and faux antler handle, this proud knife mounts in an equally impressive faux deer antler display stand, and is held aloft by a fellow Eagle. A stunning gift for the knife collector or the person that has everything. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.


Item Number: SKEASTD

Suggested Retail: $43.95


AAMAN's Price: $35.00


Mitaki-Japan® Men's Digital Sport Watch

Features date function, alarm with snooze, hourly chime, stopwatch, light, polyurethane band, and clear display case. Case measures 2-1/8" x 3-1/4" x 3-3/8". Not intended for children under 13 years of age. White box.


Item Number: ELSPWAT1

Suggested Retail: $13.95


AAMAN's Price: $12.00


Maxam® Trolley Bag with Folding Chair

Travel days or shopping trips don't have to be daunting with the comfort and convenience of Maxam® Trolley Bag with Folding Chair. Rest your feet, relax, and easily carry your items while on the go. Features drawstring bag with zippered inside pocket and a folding chair. Chair holds up to 220lbs. Measures 14-1/4" x 36-1/4" x 21-3/4".


Item Number: LUSHPCHR

Suggested Retail: $36.95

AAMAN's Price: $35.00

Embassy™ Solid Genuine Lambskin Leather Purse 

Features gunmetal hardware, zippered main compartment, 2 exterior zippered pockets, interior zippered pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Measures 11" x 8" x 3".


Item Number: LUPURS22

Suggested Retail: $25.95

AAMAN,s Price: $24.00

Embassy™ Genuine Leather Cigarette Case

The Embassy™ Genuine Leather Cigarette Case speaks of the convenience and class of a bygone era. This genuine leather cigarette holder is a fashionable and organized way to keep your smokes and lighter handy. Tuck in your ID, cash, or credit card when you have to run quick errands and leave your bigger purse at home. Features secure, clip-close top and pocket to hold a lighter on the front. Measures 3-3/8" x 5-1/2" x 3/4".

Item Number: LUCIGCS

Suggested Retail: $7.95

AAMAN's Price: $6.50

Chef's Secret® 12pc 9-Ply Waterless Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Features thermo control top knobs and phenolic/stainless steel combination handles. Includes 1.7qt saucepan with cover, 3.3qt casserole with cover, 6.4qt casserole with cover, 9-1/2" frypan with cover, 9-1/2" universal steamer, 7-7/8" mixing bowl with cover, suction knob, and phenolic trivet. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.


Item Number: KT12

Suggested Retail: $166.95

AAMAN's Price: $120.00

Maxam® Brand Italian Mosaic™ Design Genuine Top Grain Lambskin Leather Jacket

The Maxam® Brand Italian Mosaic™ Design Genuine Top Grain Lambskin Leather Jacket was designed with two goals in mind: style and comfort. Features adjustable wrist snaps for added comfort. Plenty of space for your belongings with two zippered chest pockets, two slash pockets, and one inside pocket for your wallet, sunglasses, or cell phone.

Item Number: GFCOATA

Suggested Retail: $44.95

AAMAN's Price: $40.00

Kassel™ 13" Diameter Globe

with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set

The Kassel™ 13" Diameter Globe with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set will entertain for hours. Start a weekly family game night and start a conversation. The outside of the globe features an Old World nautical map finish. Integrated dark brown wood holder and table stand. Globe opens completely to reveal the exquisite design of the game board. Game pieces store under the board. Stand measures 22-1/2" tall and 16-1/4” in diameter. 24 checker pieces, 32 chess pieces, 1 game board.


Item Number: HHGLBCH

Suggested Retail: $125.95

AAMAN's Price: $100.00

Introducing Our New Footwear 

AAMAN's shoe wholesaler who specializes in ladies and men fashion footwear shoes supplies the nation's worldwide chain and department stores due to the great experience in shoe wholesale business which lasts for more than 20 years. AAMAN's Shoe Wholesaler conduct programs as private label for shoe wholesalers and retailers. As our wholesale shoe supplier, customer service is our priority concern, free fast shipping, and great prices. AAMAN's Shoe Wholesaler design, manufacture, import using their own trademark. They are well known for their high-end quality comfort shoes. They produce all kind of women and men shoe, flats, moccasin, Flip flops, High heel, sandals, wedges, boots, and sneakers. We are Proud to offer our New footwear to our customers! We are adding footwear and other items daily so view our VISTA Catalog often!


Suggested Retail: $59.99

AAMAN's Price: $48.00


Suggested Retail: $80.00


AAMAN's Price: $55.00


Suggested Retail: $50.00

AAMAN's Price: $45.00


Suggested Retail: $59.95

AAMAN's Price: $50.00

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    Monthly Payments: Level-1-($5.00), Level-2-($10.00), Level-3-($15.00) and Level-4-($20.00).


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