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Youth Anglers Fishing Tournaments


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AAMAN's Youth Anglers Fishing Tournament is a nonprofit event, which was conceived for the sole purpose of promoting fishing through a youth tournament whose format is modeled off real professional fishing circuits. A child and his or her parent or guardian paired for a day on the shore learning and catching fish. The day concludes with each child coming to the weighting table with their catch where they will have their fish weighed-in, describe their day, and hold their catch up for the crowd. This grand scale event promises to be an unforgettable day for each child. There will be 3 winners, 1st place ($300), 2nd place ($200), and 3rd place (100). In addition, each winner will receive a trophy.

Nothing is as rewarding as seeing your kid pull up their first fish. The joy you share at that moment, the pride you and your kid both feel, is what often sparks a lifelong love of angling. Still, your youngster can only learn so much from you (no matter how good of an angler you are). This is where kids’ fishing tournaments come in. 

Youth fishing tournaments are a perfect opportunity for children to have fun and develop their angling skills, as well as making new friends. They’ll also learn a lot about La Crosse’s conservation and the environment.  AAMAN’s Youth Anglers Fishing Tournaments focus on the tournaments primarily geared towards getting youngsters into angling for the first time, as well as helping the local angling communities, the excitement of completing, and of winning a cash prize and a trophy.

AAMAN's Youth Anglers Fishing Tournament is designed to allow kids, ages 5-12,

the opportunity to experience a tournament style format of fishing.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Copeland Park

7:00 an - 12:00 pm

1st prize $300 and a trophy

2nd prize $200 and a trophy

3rd prize $100 and a trophy

  • Ages 5-12

  • Registration Fee $5.00 each child

  • Kids must be accompanied by one of their legal parents or a legal guardian

  • The legal guardian must be present at all times during this event

  • Bait will be provided

  • Fishing rods will be available

  • Kids can bring their own fishing gear

  • Time for fishing will be approximately 5-6 hours between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm

  • Allowed to bring 3 fish back to the weighing station

  • The total of 3 fish caught by each child will be weighed to determine the winners

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Youth Anglers Fishing Tournaments

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AAMAN’s Youth Anglers Fishing Tournament. See YOU there!

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