La Crosse, Wisconsin
Advocacy Committee
African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc.
The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is a standing committee with goals of advancing local awareness of barriers to housing affordability, advancing local awareness of barriers to adequate tenants' rights; and gathering support for legislation and policies to address these barriers. The Committee will identify emerging issues and seek community member support, and provide suggest action steps for these community members to support the affiliate's and AAMAN and Habitat International's advocacy priorities.
Due to the CORONA19 Pandemic, we are unable to meet with targeted individuals and organizations to engage with. The African American Mutual Assistance Network and the Habitat for Humanity-La Crosse represent a collaboration of entities concerned about affordable housing.
The following questions are designed to address critical challenges individuals within our targeted community face regarding affordable housing and tenant's rights. We need your input to better understand the challenges, learn what resources are missing, and celebrate the services that are working. One of our goals is to see what rises to the top as the biggest challenge, so we can focus our response on addressing those.
Please share your experiences, answer the following questions openly. Your responses to the questions are completely confidential and will not be shared with a third-party. For more information, email Pam Hartwell.
Affordable Housing Questionnaire
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