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ACT® Test Prep Course


Designed to raise student test scores! 



The Partnership


 AAMAN’s Scholarship is designed to offset the $199.00 Course Fee for eligible students. AAMAN covers 80+% of the $199.00 fee and the parent/guardian of the student is responsible for the 20% balance totaling $39.00. 


The $39.00 balance is paid by the student’s parent/guardian. If the student withdrawals from the Course or doesn't complete the Course or the $39.00 there will be no refunds. 


The Selection Process


 To be considered to receive AAMAN’s 80+% funding, students must meet 1 criterion:


  1. Be a member of a Low-income family. (Example: School’s Lunch Program recipient.)



  • UW-L will contact you with a Registration Link.  You have to complete this Registration to attend the classes.

  • Your $39.00 will be collected at the time of your UW-L ACT Test Prep Courses. 

  • For questions about UW-L's ACT Test Prep Courses, contact conted@uwlax.edu or call 608-785-6500 and reference the "AAMAN Scholarship"


UW-La Crosse ACT Test Prep Course
Qualified instructors work directly with students to work through this comprehensive preparation program. Preparing for the ACT can increase test scores that are important for gaining acceptance into your college of choice and for expanding your scholarship opportunities.


This course is designed to complement area high schools' preparatory programs.


This program provides 12 hours of instruction in writing strategies to assist you in the essay part of the ACT® test; orientation to the ACT® and its four parts; opportunity to take diagnostic assessments; instruction in all four areas; test-taking strategies for each of the components and for the entire test; practice with printed materials where test-taking tips can be applied and reinforced and interactive skill drills in deficit areas as measured by the diagnostic test.


Course materials are provided by Cambridge Educational Services, the leader in test preparation. 











Students will:


 Establish their own baseline for ACT® testing by completing an official, retired ACT® test


· Receive a detailed analysis of their baseline test to understand personal strengths and weaknesses

· Learn powerful test-taking strategies for each test section and question type

· Gain an understanding of the test structure, question types, and scoring methods for each academic area

· Build confidence through interactive skill drills and practice exercises

· Complete the course by taking another official, retired ACT® test and receive a final analysis


The ACT® test is a gateway to your future plans.  Don't make the ACT®more stressful by arriving unprepared.


This unparalleled ACT® test preparation course readies students for all four sections of the ACT®test, plus the optional writing section. Students take official, retired ACT® pre- and post-tests to determine strengths and weakness.

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